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3 Quotes about Beauty

3 Inspiring Quotes about Beauty We Should All Live By

I am sure all of us have worried at least once whether we are beautiful or not. But what does being beautiful mean? Does it mean weighing a certain amount, having a certain height, being blond, brunette, having blue, green brown eyes?

Here are 3 unconventional truths about beauty that have nothing to do with the way you look, but are far more important and long lasting in time.


1. “Beauty is in the eyes of the one who sees.” – Augusto Cury

I used to have a friend who was really beautiful according to our society’s beauty standards, but for some reason she was single for a very long time and she used to wonder why women who were not so beautiful according to standards weren’t. And this is because loving someone or being attracted to someone depends on so much more than our looks! There is an energetic connection between people that has to do with inner beauty for instance. Plus it is all about the whole set of characteristics of a person. Maybe your nose is not as perfect as you wish it were but in the whole set of your face characteristics it is just perfect and others do not usually focus on the little details. Sometimes, we are much more critical and picky with ourselves than others. So the next time someone tells you you look great, don’t point out to the thing that you think is not looking so good about you. Embrace your perfect set of perfections and imperfections!

2. “Beauty is a state of mind.” – Augusto Cury

I am sure you all have heard the quote that says that beauty comes from the inside. But what does this mean? The way I see it, if you want to look beautiful, not only you should care for your inner beauty, but also you have to really FEEL beautiful. So think about what you would do, or how would you act if you felt beautiful and start acting that way. Find things that make you feel beautiful and good with yourself and start including them in your daily life. I remember I had a phase that on the days that I used to feel worse about myself I used to wear heels for example or go to a massage. Music can also make you feel better, one of my friends used to listen to sex bomb by Tom Jones before going to a party So find your set of “beauty” strategies and own your beauty.

3. “The body is always beautiful. It is the mind that isn’t.” – Osho

Can you think of something more beautiful and amazing than all your cells working in perfect coordination so that you can do all the things you need to do on your daily life? I can’t. Your body is magical and that alone makes it unbelievably beautiful! It is the mind that undermines this beauty. All the beliefs that are in us, from our societies, families, friends, are the ones that undermine our beauty. Especially because the beauty standards of nowadays are practically IMPOSSIBLE to live by. I mean being as skinny as female models or as muscled as male models takes a lot of time, energy and pain. Not all of us can live up to those standards! Wrinkles are the lines that tell our amazing story, written on our faces, and yet we spend a lot of money and efforts into fighting a battle that we will never win (unless we go under very expensive surgery to end up like a bloated balloon). So listen to your body instead of your mind. If the body is happy and healthy than you are at your utmost beauty!

Featured image by Josh Liba via Flickr.com.

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