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4 Simple Strategies for Effortless Success

Effortless success is something not many people believe in. Most people believe that you need to “work hard” in order to achieve success. I would have to disagree with that. Working hard might make you successful, but there are plenty of other routes to success that are much less stressful. It is really the simple things that lead to success. All you need is a little self-awareness to be able to stay on the right path. The journey to success is a winding one, but that doesn’t mean it has to be difficult. Consider these 4 basic strategies for staying on the path of effortless success.

1. Do more of what you love and share the value with others.

This one is obvious, but how many people do you know who are actually doing what they love for a living? The ones who are certainly know the true definition of “effortless success.” I personally believe in the law of compensation. That is, the rewards you receive in life will be in direct proportion to the amount of value you provide for others. And the best possible way to provide the maximum amount of value for others is to do what you love the most and share it! Only you can decide what that looks like for you, but when you figure it out you will be well on your way to everything you desire.

2. Decide to be an optimist.

The way you see the world is a choice. You may be used to looking at things through a dark, negative lens of perception, but in each moment you have the choice to look at things differently. Simply committing yourself to an attitude of optimism will transform your entire life. Negative thoughts never got a man anywhere he desired to be. Only positive, life-enhancing, dream-affirming thoughts have the power to put you on the path to success and happiness.

3. Think about your future before you make decisions.

So many people make decisions that are not aligned with who they want to be. This is mainly due to conditioning. We have each been programmed with certain habits of thought and behavior that allow us to live our lives on autopilot most of the time. This is usually a very bad thing unless you have adopted positive beliefs and behaviors. Overcoming your mental programming requires present moment awareness. In other words, think before you act. 

With a little present moment awareness, you will be able to look at the decision you are about to make and compare it with your idea of an ideal future. If the decision is not going to help you move closer to that vision, you can consciously decide not to act on it. It’s easier than you might think. It just requires that you break free from your conditioning for a split second. In that moment of awareness, you have the power to choose.

4. Shift from thinking to feeling when doubt or fear presents itself.

Negative thoughts and emotions will prevent you from doing many of the things you know you need to do if you don’t learn to control them. One negative thought can lead to a huge downward spiral if you aren’t careful. The easiest way to prevent negative thoughts and emotions from sabotaging your success is to stop identifying with them.

When a negative thoughts comes into your mind or you are gripped with fear, you have 3 choices. You can either suppress it, identify with it, or transmute it into something positive. Suppressing it is a temporary fix. Identifying with it keeps you trapped in the same habits of thought. Transmuting it is your best option by far. Exactly what do I mean by that?

When a negative emotion such as fear presents itself, instead of trying to reject or analyze it, you can simply switch your focus over to the sensation of the emotion. In other words, feel the energy of the emotion as it courses through your body. Where is it located in your body? Is it stagnant energy or is it flowing? As you feel the energy within your body, you should be able to start controlling it. If the emotion is fear, chances are the energy is not flowing freely. Conscious attention will allow you to begin moving that energy throughout your body. In this way, you can turn fear into a completely different emotion relatively quickly.

If you are not able to directly control the energy, then simply focus your attention on it until it naturally disappears or changes to something more pleasant. Even if you are not aware of any emotional energy, it is a good idea to go into “feeling mode” whenever negative thoughts surface. Over time, you will develop complete control over your mental and emotional states.

These 4 strategies might take some conscious attention at first, but as you begin to develop self-awareness and a positive attitude, you will also begin to enter an upward spiral of success. Momentum will take over and you will be well on your way to discovering what “effortless success” is all about.

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