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This Former 400 Pound Virgin’s Weight Loss Transformation Is More Than He Asked For.

Seeing the scale go down is the main reason people want to lose weight. We all want to become healthier so we can live long, prosperous lives. And of course, being able to fit in that stylish, form-fitting coat and looking great in it doesn’t hurt either. Aside from the obvious physical benefits from losing fat, there are 3 extra benefits to getting in shape that some find more important than the actual weight loss itself. Here they are in no particular order.

1. Belief In Yourself

I can speak from personal experience. In my opinion this is the most important virtue you attain from weight loss. When I was my biggest at over 400 pounds (yikes!) I had incredibly low self esteem. I didn’t believe that I could ever amount to anything. I felt I was destined for a life of failure and loneliness. The day I hit bottom and decided to start walking on my old, dusty treadmill was the last day I ever felt that way. You can see the fruits of your hard work and dedication by just looking at the scale or the mirror. How are you failing at weight loss if you’re losing weight? You’re winning your battles and achieving what you set out to do.  So guess what? You’re awesome and you can do absolutely anything you set out to do! If you have other ambitions outside of health, you know you can accomplish those goals too. Go after that promotion, start that business you always wanted. There’s already proof that if you set your mind to it, anything can be accomplished.

400 Pound Transformation

2. Confidence

There is an inverse relationship with weight loss and confidence. The more you see the scale go down the more your confidence goes up. You walk a little taller when you get in shape. You feel better about yourself. You notice more looks from people. The belief you have in yourself radiates off of you, and you begin to speak with more conviction in your voice. The aura around you changes. Maybe you finally muster enough courage to talk to that person you’ve admired from far away.

3. Patience

The weight loss journey you’re about to embark upon or have already started is going to take a long time. Let that sink in for a minute, a really, really, really long time. The quick-fix scams that are out to rip you off will never work in the long term. Keeping the weight off requires a complete lifestyle change. For example, I could no longer have the same habits I had when I was 400 pounds. I had to learn how to make better food choices. I needed to condition myself to make a habit of breaking a sweat everyday. The habits that lead to a healthy lifestyle take years to develop. It is absolutely fine to take your time with getting into shape. Its better to take longer and keep the weight off than losing it all in 6 months and gaining the weight back again and then some. Accept the process and enjoy the journey. It will be one of the best decisions you will ever make.

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