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5 Extraordinary Keys to Life

Life encounters many options every single day. The life we want to live is hidden in the keys to life.

If we ever question how life should be lived, we will get blank answer because life is not a formula, but a consecutive action here and now “in the present time.”

It’s even a crime to force people to live as you want them to leave. It’s only advice that could change somebody. Forcing people to do a particular thing will destroy their uniqueness which I firmly believe it is a holy gift.

So when we approach to advising, I think the 5 extraordinary keys to life will ease the tangled everyday situations.

1. Love One Another

If there is any requirement to get the key to open any door you want, that would be love. Not only love as a relationship, but love in every form.

If there is anything that stops us to love and respect one another is the pessimistic opinion we have of the people we know.

All we need to do is start seeing the good sides of people and ideas. As soon as we learn to activate optimism in anything, we will learn to love people.

The first advice to unlock abundance and the “law of attraction” is love, believe me.

2. Never Hate

Opposite of love is hate. I am surrounded by people that desperately need help to recover faith in love. Once they are hurt, they think love is not meant for people anymore.

However false the statement is, many of us firmly believe it to be true. We are born from people in love, and we know that as infants. It’s only bad experience that reconsiders otherwise.

Bad experience is still experience. Bad Lesson is still a lesson. Grab the good things out of it.

Next time you hate something or someone try to see what’s behind the curtains. No one hates purposeless.

3. Give Generously

It’s altruism that connects us as human beings. We can help one another in endless ways.

However, the crucial mistake I’ve learned from my personal experience is that false generosity acts when we think people own us a favor back. And that’s what most people think when they give. Things just don’t work this way. There are no emotions if we count favors.

Generous people are giving with the intent to fulfil their soul. Materialism takes its place when we count “I gave you. Now you give back.”

They are also altruistic, idealists, trustworthy, energetic and true leaders.

If you want to be a part of the world that doesn’t regret life in older years, give generously and fulfil your soul. Life will give everything back as time passes by.

4. Live Simply

Complexity is what makes life difficult and stressful. Drama takes its place in here too.

When you see how success and abundance is achieved it is even comical not to be a part of it.

Everything you ever want is a consecutive act of small and simple steps. Nothing will ever be achieved if you tangle things for no reason.

“Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.” – Albert Einstein

On the surface, everything is simple, but if we dig deeper, the simple becomes complex and dramatic. I guess that’s what this genius want’s to say after all.

For the bottom line, everything you want is simple. It just takes self-determination and self-encouragement. Nothing will take it away if you follow the steps simply (but not simpler).

5. Always Be Kind

I really believe that kindness these days is so rare that people confuse it with flirtation. For starters, being kind is making us unique.

Kindness is about caring for others around you. That includes wanting the best for them and recognizing that they have all visions like you. Kindness is also being warm, loyal, and grateful.

For this stunt, we have to practice kindness with people around us. And not only with others, but we have to be kind to ourselves too.

Everything can be learned if we want to. It takes the courage to start and pursue that.

From the keys to life we can conclude that everything connects with love, respect, kindness and simplicity. Going further, practicing optimism will do everything to make that possible.

Featured image by Moyan Brenn via Flickr.com

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