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5 Inspiring Ways to Become Your True Self

Since we are born we are programmed to act a certain way, to believe certain things, to perceive and feel reality through a certain prism. What if I tell you that probably 60% or more of this “prism” is false?

A lot of the things we know are true. However, a lot moreare wrong or perceived wrongly. They are a product of second hand description, imagination and fear all working together to install a certain paradigm in your mind.

There is Truth behind all of the mess and once you clean what’s not working for you anymore, you are opening a path for this truth to shine through.

This Truth is your essence, your color that you need to paint the world with.

Here are the 5 steps of becoming your truest self, “clean the mess”, discover your essence and reprogram yourself to a better version. You 2.0.

1. Burn Your Ego.

The first step, kind of a big one, is to become aware of your ego.

What is ego? Your ego is the mortal part of your consciousness; Who you think you are. It is dependent of other’s opinion and approval. It is the illusion of separateness, the separation of The Oneness as separate individual “better” or “more” than others.

Your ego is a constant servant of your fear because it is afraid. It feeds the fear by expressing what it perceives the fear to be. Usually the fear is a projection of the dark side of the ego.

The first step is to have this in mind, “You have an ego but you are not your ego.” Become aware of this. Discover when your ego is activating, when you seek approval of others and what triggers the “do you know who I am?!” reaction. Put yourself in a situation where you’ll be humiliated, made fun of or treated as something less.

Be for a period of time on your own, responsible for yourself and depending only by yourself. Take notices of your ego and consciously be aware that you are not your ego.

2. Face Your Fears.

The second step is to go to the other side of “the wall”.

Find what your ego is afraid of. Find all of your fears. Find them all and try to merge them into the one thing connecting them all.

The essence of what you are most afraid of will tell you what you love the most because fear is just the protecting wall around your greatest value. Like I’ve said above, your ego is just projecting its dark side on the wall we call fear and what you are afraid of is just an illusion.

Face your fears. Bring your ego with you and no matter how loudly it screams, show it that you are in charge. Show your ego that what you value the most is more important than the wall guarding it. And most importantly, show it that fear, separateness and limits are just an illusion and you are greater than them.

After this, after you get to the other side of fear, your ego won’t need approval of others. The only approval it will need will be of you.

3. Find Your Treasure.

The third step is to find the treasure inside what you love the most.

When you are on the other side of fear, when you are inside your most protected area, you will see your light. In the light lies the thing you value the most and inside that thing is your treasure.

Your treasure is your uniqueness, your color. It is what makes you you. It is the object your ego was the shadow of.

It can be your talent, or your own special way of perceiving the world. It can be a code of honor, a style of approach or a personal teacher. It can literally be anything. Be creative, turn off the logical side of your mind and let your creative side follow your heart.

When you know what you value the most and when you ask “Why?” the answer is usually a fragment of your treasure. Collect all the fragments and open your treasure. Inside you will find yourself.

4. Reprogram Your Paradigm.

The fourth step is the turn around.

Until now we were walking inside, now we will walk outside. After you have found yourself it is time to build yourself. We saw that you must turn off your logical mind to find your treasure. Now, we must turn it on again and implement what we have found.

You know yourself and you must describe yourself. Become conscious and aware of your desires, passions, dreams, talents. Start from there and create a lifestyle. Create a mindset that will allow you to be who YOU is.

Don’t worry if you get stuck again in acting as you acted before, it is normal. It is a bios produced by a long period of time being programmed a certain way. However, if you constantly get aware of the bios you will reprogram it in a couple of weeks.

You need to implement certain activities, rituals, create a specific lifestyle, start doing what you love to do and express yourself on a regular basis. Only by being consistent in doing this you will reprogram your old paradigm and create the new one which is a product of your true self.

5. Raise Your Energy.

The fifth and final step is actually a way of life.

After you’ve created your new self you will need to improve your new self in terms of energy. What this means is to try new things, to do more of what you love doing and what gives you life energy. Fill yourself with life.

Try to find the essence of what you love doing in everything you do, try to fall in love with everything you do and try to do it even more.

Try to do it differently. Experiment. Travel. Explore. Go on adventures and discover new things and new aspects about yourself. Essencialize and implement them in your lifestyle. Upgrade yourself, balance yourself and fill your new self with life and start again from a higher level.

This way you are raising your energy levels. You are becoming more vital and passionate. You are becoming more alive. Keep on living the life you love to live and miracles will happen.

Featured image by Hartwig HKD via Flickr.com.

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