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5 Natural Ways to Overcome Depression!

Believe it or not, we all suffer from a form of depression sooner or later in our life.

No matter who you are, what you have, no matter how much to be grateful there is, the mind will find itself in that dark place.

People who don’t suffer from clinical depression find their way out of that no-motivation-abyss in a couple of days, months, or even years.

However, people who suffer from clinical depression have been too long in there so they are not even aware of the abyss, or a life without depression. That’s why they need a professional to show them the way out.

No matter what case you are, there are always Natural Ways to help you rise up on a solid ground.

As a Life Coach I want to make people overcome the core problem which is creating their sickness because if they just choke on pills they are not solving the core problem. They are just putting the dirt under the rug. The dirt still exists!

The core problem sooner or later will resurface again in a form of another sickness.

We need to find balance between Natural remedies, awareness of deeper issues and if in need, a medical help. If one of these things is missing we are not truly healing.

Healing without awareness of your deeper issues and a ton of drugs will hurt you even more.

So, here are 5 Natural ways that WILL help anyone on the path to overcome depression.

Eat Omega-3 Acids

My recommendation is fish. The brain needs a steady supply of these chemicals so it can function properly.

These fatty acids can Help The Brain to transfer information easier and the quality of it is better which means more happy thoughts and less pessimistic.


My recommendation is running. Running is more than just a simple exercise. It is one of the rare exercises that combine Body, Heart, Mind and Spirit.

When you run it is just you, your thoughts and the miles left, so you have no other option than to make a friendly conversation with yourself.

Also, running doesn’t require anything more than a good running shoes. You can do it almost anywhere.

When you exercise a key growth hormone known as BDNF is produced in your brain. In depression cases this hormone is decreased and the brain starts shrinking, but when this hormone is produced the process is reversed.

Exercising also improves the production of Dopamine and Serotonin which are the chemicals that Increase Happiness and also can be found in drugs like Prozac, Zoloft, and Lexapro.

Go Out on The Sunlight

My recommendation is walk in the park. When you walk among nature you feel connected with a greater being than yourself or another human.

Also, when you are out of your home you walk among people who have problems too. But seeing them keeping their heads straight should give you courage to face your inner issues.

If there is sun outside you have a jackpot! The sunlight is syncing our biological clock. When we don’t get enough sunlight exposure our biological clock is getting out of sync and we get insomnia, depression, low appetite and other mood breaking symptoms for clinical depression.

Engage in Social Connection

My recommendation is to start approaching older people. If you see an old lady walking past you greet her. Say something positive and smile. Make a simple small talk about the weather, the trending news or something about the immediate situation.

You will be amazed the craving people have to connect with one another. You will realize that fear is the one who fills your mind with stupidity that people don’t want to talk to you.

We all have someone in our life. All of us. We may not know who that person is but if we step out of the negative cloud and see, we can see that there are people who truly cared about us and still do.

You must want to see who is there for you and stop saying there is nobody. Set your mind on what you are trying to find and after some time I guarantee you, you will find the thing you are looking for.

P.S. There are a lot of institutions that offer specialists, therapists and other professionals that you can open yourself to. If you want to talk, Till and I are here for you also.

Calm Your Mind

My recommendation is Meditation. When we get depressed we feel that we don’t have energy in us. Therefore we have a feeling that we are calm but sad.

This mindset is wrong, our brain is more active when we are depressed but it is active with the negative perception.

Calm your mind. Sit in a room. Make yourself comfortable and just lay down. Breathe deeply. Stop resisting your thoughts and just let them be. Observe them.

Observe yourself, your body, mind, heart, spirit. If you stop resisting your thoughts and emotions in just a couple of minutes they will slowly start to fade away.

Do this every day for 15 minutes and don’t tell me you don’t have 15 minutes for the most important activity in your life.

Featured image by Payaso triste / Sad clown via Flickr.com

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