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5 Pillars of Becoming the Best Version of Yourself

5 Pillars of Becoming the Best Version of Yourself

Before understanding how to be the best version of yourself, first you must understand who YOU are.

Who we are is a giant mystery. Why we are? What we are? It seems like there is no definite answer to these questions. What is the meaning of life? What is right? What is wrong then? How can you tell that your Truth is as same as mine Truth?

Thinking about all these questions which gave suicidal thoughts to many philosophers, I realized that maybe we are looking at this whole thing from a bad angle.

Why would there be anything definite in an infinite Universe which is continuously expanding?

Maybe everything we feel as Truth is Truth no matter how different it sounds when compared. Maybe we are all looking at one model from different angles and that’s why we have different outlooks on life.

1. The Soul

Here is what I see when I observe the question “Who are we?”. We are consciousness created through separateness of singularity, existing as energy being manifested through matter with its own point of view from where it experiences what it is not, to understand what it is and what it can become.

This is what we call a Soul. This is our truest self, our uniqueness. It is product of its own purpose, its own mission for existence. Looking deep inside your heart will open new horizons where you’ll see what your purpose is, you will feel it; it will give an instant energy boost just by thinking about it.

This purpose is dissolved in your DNA and SPIRIT. The interaction between your Body and Spirit create the 2 other main components, or pillars of what you call “Yourself”. Those are THE MIND and THE HEART. So basically our soul exists as a balance between 4 elements; Spirit, Mind, Body and Heart.

2. The Spirit

To understand what your Spirit is you must understand what beliefs are and how freaking important they are. Fears, Knowledge, Facts, Memories, Experiences, how you think, WHO YOU ARE is all based on your beliefs. They are an equivalent of your DNA’s code. If the code builds your body, the beliefs build your spirit.

The single most important power WE have is the power of CHOICE. We can decide what we focus on. This is far greater than words can explain.

  1. Focusing on positive points in your knowledge and updating your mind with positive experiences;
  2. Truthful, firsthand knowledge, facts;
  3. Reshaping your memories by choosing to shift your focus on the positive parts;
  4. Doing things out of love;
  5. And gaining confidence through courageous acts will install strong, positive beliefs that serve YOU;

Confidence is what keeps your beliefs together. Absence of confidence is doubt. Doubt opens a door to fear. So how can we be sure we are confident?

See what your doubts are, see what you are afraid of and FACE IT. Do something that will make you even more afraid and keep going until you are on the other side of fear. That’s where your soul is and peeking there will fill you with confidence.

Usually we become doubtful because we forget who we truly are. Seeing who you truly are will give you confidence. It is like a muscle and having a regular habit to take a peek inside the wall of fear will make sure this muscle is strong.

Build your spirit. Design what beliefs will serve you best and install them. Become confident of them. Believe in YOU and get confidence points regularly. This will make sure your beliefs stay glued together. This is what a strong, bright spirit looks like.

3. The Mind

Your mind is where all the information is stored. It is the crossroads of your Heart, Spirit and Body.

It functions on itself or by controlling it with your awareness. It creates Emotions and Thoughts.

It is a product of the interaction between your body and spirit. That’s what a paradigm is, the shape of your mind and the way it operates without awareness and focus.

You can benefit your mind by

  1. Focusing on positive points;
  2. Becoming more aware, mindful;
  3. Limiting it between positive habits, people, music, movies, TV;
  4. Steering it away of negative thoughts;
  5. Playing brain games;
  6. Having few mantras to get you back on the positive side;
  7. And practicing meditation;

It is like the control center of your boat, it is the steering wheel that will get you ship wrecked or to the dream island your heart points at.

4. The Body

Your body is a product of your DNA’s code and the environment it participates in. It is the physical representation of YOU and the vessel through which you experience the Outer World. It is what your soul drives in to fulfill its mission.

The Outer World is a product of our soul’s interactions with each other and our Consciousness interactions with Nature.

In order to be able to fulfill our purpose we need to make sure our body is in harmony. This is beauty, this is health.

To improve your body you need to start living a healthy lifestyle. There are countless ways you can build a healthy body. The 3 most important changes you must implement in your lifestyle to be and stay healthy, are:

  1. Start eating healthy, raw foods and drink plenty of water;
  2. Start exercising the toxins out of your body and building core muscles to support YOU;
  3. Groom yourself and make sure your body is clean;

As much as it looks a modern day agenda, eat healthy, exercise, have muscles, it truly benefits your health.

In the past we did our daily need of exercising and muscle support by working in the garden, walking, chopping wood and countless other physical tasks we don’t do anymore.

Our bodies, however, are built to run 50 miles per day, so compensate that need with 1 hour workout. It’s not for the looks, it is for health. It’s what we need to pay for our easier lifestyles helped by technology.

And grooming is not for the looks also. It cleans your pores and gets rid of bacteria taking a free ride on your skin. It also gives you a sense of style and your style is what makes you YOUnique. It is the artistic representation of YOU.

5. The Heart

Our Heart is something not so easy to describe. But, I’ll give it a try. If we say our Mind is the crossroads of Spirit, Heart and Body, our heart, then, is the crossroads of Body, Mind and Spirit.

It is separated in the other 6 chakras. Your heart is the 4th chakra and in the middle of those other 6. It is the unity of your 2 opposites, the energy and information; the Inner World and the Outer World; The Yin and The Yang; Male and Female; Consciousness and Nature; This actually the True meaning of LOVE.

Your material heart is the first organ that is created when you became a form inside your mother’s belly. It has its own electromagnetic field which is thousand times stronger than your brain’s. New studies show that your heart also has its own neuron connections. “Think with your heart” is actually scientifically proven now.

The 1 most important thing you need to do to make sure your heart is functioning at its best is to wash negative accumulated emotions away, daily.

Become aware of what you fear, of what you are ashamed, of what you find yourself guilty, of what you grief. Be courageous, forgive yourself, realize that LOVE is all around you and let go of what was never yours.

Your Soul is expressing itself through your heart but the mind in between, constructed from your body and spirit is filtering what your soul is expressing and gaining from The Outer World experience.

Your heart is the vibration you are vibrating on to the world. It is the song YOU are playing. Some call this song your Aura and it is the unity of your chakras. Everything is connected and in order to vibrate on your “YOUNIQUE” frequency, harmoniously and on the most natural way, your body, your spirit and your mind need to be in harmony with your Soul’s Purpose and The Outer World.

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