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7 Ways to Leave Your Boring Life Behind and Finally Make Your Dreams Come True

Ever feel like your life is super boring? Well, what are you going to do about it? Complain? I hope not! I hope you are going to do something about it! This article will give you a few ideas that will help you take action and begin to make your life more of an adventure. Yes, you really CAN make your dreams come true!

1. Begin by imagining your IDEAL life.

What you create in your life will ultimately be determined by the thoughts that dominate your mind. Let your thoughts be dominated by what you desire rather than petty thoughts that keep you running in place. As you change your thoughts to those of a more positive nature, your life will change to reflect those thoughts. This is a law of the universe and cannot be otherwise, therefore it is very wise to focus on how you want your life to be, for you will inevitably create what you focus your attention on the majority of the time.

2. Write down at least 20 things you can do to move you closer to that goal.

This is a strategy I learned from Brian Tracy and it has been very helpful for me personally. Writing down potential action-steps to get you to where you want to be makes it seem that much more achievable. With 20 or more action-steps laid out before you, you will have no problem at all paving the path to your desired destination. It is simply a matter of choosing the actions that provide the most leverage and then taking it one step at a time. If you are persistent, you WILL get where you want to go. Only quitters fail.

3. Pick one of those things and do it NOW.

Now that you have a good idea of some things you can do to move a little closer to your dreams, pick one and do it! What are you waiting for? Are you even serious about your future? How bad do you want it?

See the bigger picture. Imagine each small action as a step up the ladder that ultimately leads to everything you want. You must be able to keep this picture in mind if you are going to persevere in the face of setbacks and challenges.

4. Get educated. Read about people who have already lived their dreams.

It is very likely that other people have already done exactly what you wish to do. You would be foolish not to learn from them! Fortunately, thousands of years of experience and wisdom has been recorded in countless books that are freely available. Find a role model that inspires you, and then study their life in extreme detail. Learn the types of beliefs and behaviors that propelled them in their life, and then use similar strategies in your own life. It really can be that simple.

5. Find people with similar goals and befriend them.

As social creatures, we tend to emulate the people in our immediate environment. There is actually a built-in brain mechanism responsible for this, so there’s not much you can do about it, besides finding awesome friends of course. If you hang around average people, you’re probably going to be pretty average yourself. The odds are simply against you, but take this simple fact and use it to your advantage by surrounding yourself with people you wish to be like. One of the easiest ways to become great is by surrounding yourself with great people. If you do this, the rest will become almost effortless.

6. Focus on creating ONE new habit every 2 months.

Your habits will ultimately shape your circumstances, so creating positive ones is the smartest thing you could possibly do. It is not wise, however, to attempt to create many habits at once or to eliminate negative habits. This endeavor usually ends in failure. But if you choose ONE habit a time, preferably something easy to do, then you will have much more success in the long run. Positive habits naturally outweigh and eventually eliminate negative habits, and at the pace of one new habit every 2 months or 6 new habits per year, you can create dramatic positive changes in your life within a relatively short amount of time.

7. Clarify your values, write them down, and commit to staying in alignment with them.

The things we value determine the decisions we make. For example, if you value family more than you value your career, then you will probably not choose to work extra hours if it means sacrificing time with your family. Or if you value freedom more than you value money, then you will probably choose a job that gives you more freedom, even if it means less pay. Most people don’t really have prioritized values, so their decisions tend to be sporadic and inconsistent. This usually leads to a lot of stress and unease.

Having a clearly prioritized list of values allows for much easier decision-making. You can simply look at your available options, determine which one is higher on your list of values (priorities), and choose that one every time without hesitation.

Start today and prioritize your top 5 values. Live in alignment with these values at all times. You will make better decisions and have much more confidence as a result. Hesitation in decision-making can only lead to stress and low self-esteem. Having a list of values to live by will solve many problems for you simultaneously and make your life much easier.

I hope this article has been helpful. If so, you might enjoy this article as well: Dreams Do Come True When You Do These 6 Things

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