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Till ‘Juan’ Boadella

CEO and Editor-In-Chief

Till Boadella
Till Juan Boadella is the CEO and Editor-In-Chief of Tiger Freedom.

Discouraged by the “path” that society had laid out for him, he built his first successful online business in his early twenties and has never worked in a regular job since. He’s a personal development junkie.

He’s trained in Biosynthesis body-psychotherapy, which allows him to merge classical personal development ideas with insights from somatic psychotherapy and psychotherapeutic process work.

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Beau Norton

Expert Author, Personal Development

Beau Norton
Beau Norton is a young entrepreneur who is extremely passionate about helping others achieve greater levels of success and happiness. He specializes in mindset development and emotional wellness techniques, and he has extensive knowledge on topics ranging from health and nutrition to spiritual growth and evolution.

Today, Beau is the author of several bestselling personal development eBooks and runs a blog called Health & Happiness Foundation.

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Nikola Gjakovski

Expert Author, Motivation & Inspiration

Nikola Gjakovski
Nikola Gjakovski is a young and motivated entrepreneur with the unique vision to make this world a better place rather than a bitter place.

He has the power to help people find their spark of motivation and inspiration to fulfil their future self-image of success by doing things right now! Nikola discovered his passion in 2010 when he found that he was helping people by sharing positive energy without even noticing.

He is the founder of Simple Capacity and shares his expertise in a wide variety of articles and resources to help and inspire people.

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Ines Murias

Expert Author, Personal Development

Ines Murias
Ines Murias is a professional writer and rebel blogger.

After years of working in the Human Resource departement at Dubai’s famous 7-star hotel chain Jumeirah, Ines decided to study Psychotherapy and become a freelance writer.

She has written on a wide variety of topics ranging from personal development topics to business and everything in between.

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Dejan Davchevski

Expert Author, Personal Development & Spirituality

Dejan Davchevski is an International Marketing Manager and one of the brightest young minds.

Despite his title, his true passion is writing and sharing The Code Of Life he has discovered. The way of living that brings happiness and success. “It is a TRUTH The Universe is teaching me and a TRUTH I must share” – he says.

Now, he is the author of more than 5 books and a website – Life Coach Code that shifts the paradigm creating a mindset of happiness, prosperity and success.

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