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Fear Of Aids

Fear Of Aids? 3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Panic About Aids

Fear Of AidsAids has been claimed to be the number one epidemic of our modern days. Yet, no one really seems to know what HIV or aids really is. I’m certainly not an aids denialist, but I believe this seemingly aids epidemic has been grossly overstated and has lead to a lot of misconceptions, confusion and fear.

In fact, the fear of aids in our society is so immoderate that it has invoked a new psychiatric mental disease called aids phobia. People suffering from aids phobia are absolutely convinced that they’ve got aids, although there’s no medical evidence to support that. It’s basically a hypochondriac, irrational fear of aids that starts to control the lives of the people who are affected by it. This article is not about denying aids or downplaying the possible danger of an HIV infection. It’s about lifting the lid on the emotions and psychology behind aids.

1) Fear Of Aids Is Often Irrational

If you live in a western country and are heterosexual, the risk of an actual HIV infection is pretty low. In Switzerland for example (where I live), there are around 500 new HIV infections every year. The total population of Switzerland is 7’900’000. Lets do some maths here: 100 / 7’900’000 x 500 = 0.0063. So the chance to get HIV in Switzerland is around 0.0063%. To compare: There are also around 500 people who die from car accidents every year. Are you scared to death every time you get into a car? Well, you should. But our society has been sensitized to fear aids as if it was the number one cause of death. This isn’t the case for car accidents. Or cancer. Or eating fast food. In western societies, every third person gets cancer. Every fourth person dies from cancer. Why are people still eating in McDonald’s, smoking cigarettes and tanning without sun protection? Because these things are not surrounded with that much emotion. The fear of aids on the other hand is huge. And the topic is highly emotional. But think about it again: 0.0063% and 33%. What are you more afraid of? Aids or cancer? I don’t expect an answer from you. All I want to do is show that something is extremely out of balance. A lot of our concerns and fears are irrational. And I believe the fear of aids belongs into this category most of the time.


Fear Of Aids

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2) Aids And HIV Are Controversial

Did you know that there is a difference between HIV and aids? Have you ever seen the virus called HIV? Did you know that one HIV test may be positive and another one may be negative depending on which country you live in? Did you know that the discoverer of HIV (Luc Montagnier) is totally convinced that healthy diet and nutrition and a good working immune system can naturally get rid of HIV? Did you know that they use questionnaires and not aids testing to determine if someone has aids in Africa? Did you ever consider that there are huge pharmaceutical companies with financial interests in selling aids drugs? I don’t want to overwhelm you here. I just want to bring to your awareness that aids and HIV are highly controversial topics. There are many highly acclaimed researchers, scientists and doctors that doubt or deny that HIV is the cause of aids. Some of them even doubt the mere existence of HIV. If you have severe fear of aids, make sure to take a look at what these people have to say. Get a second opinion. You’ve heard societies version of the story many times. Now listen to the other version. This will bring some more light into the darkness. And it will certainly help to massively reduce your fear of aids. There’s a free documentary on HIV and the fear of aids, directed by Brent Leung. You can watch it on YouTube. Don’t become an extremist, but take both views in consideration.

3) HIV Is Not A Death Sentence

Even if you are infected with HIV, you can still live a normal life. Being infected with HIV is not a death sentence. Nowadays it’s estimated that people who are infected with HIV in western countries live just as long as people who are not infected with the virus. Considered they’re taking the drugs and treatment of course. So why would you be scared to death by a doubted virus, with an infection risk of 0.0063% (Switzerland) which doesn’t even kill you? If you want to do something for your health, be concerned about cancer and heart diseases. But not about aids. Of course, still use condoms and practice safe sex. There’s a lot of other nasty STD’s worth avoiding! If you’re still scared of HIV, why not get an HIV test? Facing your fears is always the best way to get rid of them. If you are suffering from really severe HIV phobia symptoms, make sure to get some psycho-therapeutic or psychiatric help. Hypochondriac fear, such as the aids phobia, can be extremely burdening and even lead to depression and schizophrenia. There ‘s also a comorbidity with obsessive compulsive disorders. OCD and fear of HIV can be interlinked. So take your fear of aids seriously if it’s restricting your day to day life.

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