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How To Stop Drinking Beer

How To Stop Drinking Beer And Alcohol In 5 Simple Steps

In my teen years and early twenties I had no idea how to stop drinking beer. In fact, I was a full-time beer lover. Binge drinking and getting wasted was not uncommon, especially on the weekends. As a result, I put on a lot of weight, my immune system was weak and I was chronically unhappy with my life. I believe there’s only one reason to drink alcohol: It gives us good emotions. Most people in modern society are chronically stressed, anxious, depressed and unhappy. The same was true for me. Drinking beer and getting wasted was a way to escape my feelings, encounter a moment of presence and get a quick, dirty emotional high.


Here’s How To Stop Drinking Beer

Step 1 – Explore Your Fears

As I said in the introduction, alcohol is a means to an end: It allows us to escape uncomfortable emotions by experiencing a short-lasting, dirty high of drunkenness. If you’re saying yourself: “I can’t stop drinking beer right now”, chances are that you’re looking for superficial “quick fix” methods to quit drinking. However, there is no quick fix. The only reliable and proven way to get rid of your alcoholism in the long term is to face the underlying problem. In other words: You don’t have to fix your beer addiction, you have to fix your emotions. The most common and subconscious cause to drink beer excessively is fear. Fear is one of the most dominant human emotions, and although we not might be aware of it, it’s present in our body as an uncomfortable feeling, tension or agitation all the time. When we drink alcohol, our muscles relax, we become present in the moment and our brain gets flushed with euphoria.

Learn how to stop drinking beer

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In order to get rid of your beer addiction, it’s important that you start to encounter your underlying, uncomfortable feelings. There are many ways to make yourself feel good and get rid of your need to escape your own emotions. But for now, start to put more awareness to your own emotions. What are things in your life that may cause fear? Are you stressed at work? Do you have a lot of tension in your body? Are you unhappy with your relationship? How’s your family life? How’s your contact to your friends? The first step to stop drinking beer is to become aware of your emotions. Get in touch with your fear, anger, frustration and sadness.


Step 2 – Find A Hobby That Gives You Purpose

It’s important to find hobbies to replace drinking. Hobbies can be a great source of joy and emotional expression in our lives. Challenge yourself to find a hobby that’s truly connected to your deepest purpose. Is there anything you’ve always wanted to do in life? What did you dream of as a child? What do you sincerely feel doing? What activities make you happy? Take your time. Finding a hobby is not about thinking, it’s about feeling. Take at least a week or two, dome some research and listen to what you really feel doing. Finding a great hobby is a lot about finding your purpose. And finding a purpose is all about listening to the depth of your soul.


Step 3 – Get High On Meditation

A great way to become present and reach emotional freedom is to meditate. Meditation has similar effects as drinking alcohol: It makes you present in the moment, reduces the stress in your body, relaxes your muscles and makes you feel good. The only difference: Meditation is healthy and natural, it only has positive effects on your mind and body. And by practicing meditation, you can reach a state of higher consciousness which is sustainable. So while the effects of beer fade away and result in a hangover, the effects of meditation are sustainable. You’ll become more confident, be more in the moment and feel good all the time. That’s why I always say: The only really effective and absolutely risk-free drug is: Meditation.

Here’s a complete guide on how to become present in the moment. Also watch this video…


Step 4 – Emotional Freedom Techniques

One of the most effective tips to stop drinking wine or beer is this: Practice emotional freedom techniques. Emotional freedom techniques (EFT) is best described as a simple form of self-therapy. It helps you get in touch with your emotions and accept the full range of human emotions. This way you’ll be able to integrate and accept negative emotions instead of escaping them. By practicing emotional freedom techniques your need to escape your emotions through external stimulation will eventually fade away. As a result, your beer craving will fade away as well. Here’s one of the best emotional freedom techniques to stop drinking beer. It’s an emotional freedom technique that allows you to get rid of underlying fear and anxiety. By overcoming your underlying, unconscious fear, you’ll be able to lose weight, stop drinking beer and cure your alcoholism.


Step 5 – The Holistic Approach

A great way to support your alcohol detoxification is to implement a healthy diet and work out. It’s always hard to only fix one aspect of our lives. All areas of our lives are interlinked. If you try to handle one part of your life while ignoring other crucial aspects of it, you’ll probably fail. You have to take on a holistic approach in order to quit drinking beer and alcohol. Make sure to also focus on your diet, nutrition and body. If you eat healthy and go to the gym once or twice a week, you’ll naturally want to stop drinking that excess beer. Why eat healthy and go to the gym if you destroy everything by drinking beer in the evening?

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