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5 Reasons You’ll Be More Successful If You Are Funny

When psychologists started to dive into the subject of humor and why people laugh they discovered something fascinating.

What they discovered was that Jokes have almost nothing to do with having a sense of humor. In fact, most of the jokes are not even funny. They are like less than 7% of what makes people laugh.

Another thing that interested them was why some people laugh and others don’t at the same joke. Here things started to shift the meaning of comedy.

They discovered that the beliefs people have are what decides if a joke will be funny or not.

“You are not my audience” is actually pretty appropriate.

If a person jokes about something people silently believe they will laugh because it liberates them from the “prison” they created fearing that what they believe is not appropriate others to know.

When they summed up what is a joke it turned out that “a joke” is something that exaggerates a certain situation or shows it in a different light than reality which stimulates people to liberate themselves from the prison of fear and solemnity, resulting in them being more honest.

Ok, so what does this say about people who have a sense of humor and how is this linked to success?

1. Funny people are very smart.

To be able to see “behind the curtain” and evaluate what is really happening is one of the many perks of being funny. This does not come from being funny, being funny comes from this skill.

What is necessary to effectively evaluate a certain situation and, even more, to create many possible outcomes from it requires a high amount of “using your brain”.

Being funny comes from being smart. You must be very smart to be able to act stupid. Or, you are just very stupid and you make people laugh.

No matter what, if you are smart you are either VERY stupid or VERY smart which is in most of the cases.

We know how much smartness helps for success.

2. Being funny requires self confidence.

Imagine yourself in front of a group and they all listen to you. They pay their attention to you. You speak, you tell a joke and everyone bursts in laughter. That requires pretty “big cojones”.

You are out there, all alone, relying on no one but yourself. You speak your mind without any doubt of what you say, and despite that, you manage to even have fun while doing it.

An essential ingredient for this is self confidence.

Self confidence is the ability to trust yourself, be safe with yourself and feel like you are enough. You do not chase proof out there to approve who you are. You are who you are. You always were and you always will be. Not a single being can tell you otherwise.

And this is not stubbornness. Stubbornness is also proving to others or yourself that you are right. Self confidence means that you are done with proving. You are you. You are enough. This is an extremely important element for success.

3. Funny people are more trusted.

If you are able to penetrate that deep to a person so you’ll liberate them from their own prison, you are their hero. You speak the truth they believe but they have no guts to express it. This instantly makes you more likeable.

When we like a certain individual we inherently trust them. You cannot like someone but not trust them.

When we trust someone they have the ability to use us. Not abuse which is something very wrong. They have the ability to share an idea with us and we instantly like the idea more than the same idea comes from someone we do not trust.

Always have self confidence and let yourself be priority to choose what is right and wrong for your truth. The people you trust will share ideas with you and you’ll like them. But always consult yourself and take yourself as highest priority.

However, people who trust you will always like your ideas more than the ideas of someone they have no opinion of. This is a door opener for success.

4. Being funny means you have higher emotional intelligence.

To see how others feel, what they hide and, even more, to evaluate what will make them feel a certain way requires High levels of EQ.

EQ is the quotient of emotional intelligence which determines how capable you are to evaluate the reality through the emotional point of view.

You observe a situation through analytical eyes or feeling eyes. The information them enters your mind and you evaluate a certain situation. High IQ means you’ll come up with the correct path of how something came to be, how it works and what will most likely happen in a single instance.

High EQ on the other hand, means that you’ll come up with the correct feelings behind what someone feels now and what feeling will most likely change the present feeling into another. You know how to connect with them so to speak.

To be funny means that not only you have High EQ but also High IQ. You observe the full specter of a situation and with that information you know to come up with a “scenario” which changes people’s present feeling into another. This helps a lot no matter if you work with sales, public relations, if you give presentations or you simply attend meetings.

5. Funny people are astonishingly creative.

You must be creative if you produce jokes. You cannot NOT be creative and think of a different way to see a certain situation or object. Your imagination must work overtime.

The imagination is a place where ideas have sex and produce new ideas. You are creative if you can mix ideas that no one thought of mixing before.

Great comedians, if you have noticed link things no one ever thought of even associate with each other.

Through this new unity they are able to describe a situation, exaggerate it or make it something that it is not but has sense to be.

Being creative helps a lot if you are going to be successful.

Of course, it doesn’t mean that if you are funny you’ll be successful. Or that if you are not funny you won’t. There are a lot of other variables like determination.

Be that as it may, being funny helps.

Featured image by UweRichterPhotography via Flickr.com

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