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The Power Of Sexual Energy

The Power of Sexual Energy and Why You Need To Stop Releasing It

Chapter 11 of the famous book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill refers to a phenomenon called the “transmutation of sex energy.” This may very well be the most important yet most overlooked chapter of the entire book. Napoleon Hill clearly states that practically every extremely successful person that he personally interviewed was of a “highly sexed nature” but redirected that energy into their work rather than releasing it. If you’re a man, then I hope you are paying attention. Our culture today could be said to be a “sex culture.” We are constantly being bombarded with sexual images and subtle references to sex. Why is this a bad thing? Because it is encouraging men worldwide to release their sexual energy! This energy is far more valuable than you might realize.

Constant release of sexual energy is very damaging

First of all, it’s important to note that the release of sexual energy is viewed as a ‘normal’ thing in today’s society, especially for men. The porn industry being worth $97 billion worldwide (2006) speaks for itself. Men are constantly releasing their sexual energy, and it is hurting them greatly.

Masturbation is one of the biggest detriments to men worldwide. For one, it kills the drive to actually go out and meet real women. Many men today are very feminized and lack the courage to even talk to women. I haven’t been on earth that long, but I’m willing to bet that many years ago, the percentage of men that actually had some balls was far greater. I say that for one reason: they didn’t have access to internet pornography.

The release of sexual energy through masturbation is also damaging to your overall health. Semen is a highly concentrated substance. The body uses large amounts of minerals and nutrients to produce semen. If you are constantly releasing your semen, the body has to continuously take minerals from other parts of your body to replace it. This can lead to severe mineral deficiencies that result in depression, anxiety, chronic fatigue, mental fog, and many other unpleasant things. You are not only releasing energy when you masturbate, you are also releasing valuable nutrients that your body needs to function at maximum efficiency.

Porn is killing your ability to be happy

Porn is very stimulating. It releases dopamine in the brain, which actually causes you to become addicted to pornography. It is the same mechanism in the brain that is responsible for the addiction to drugs, food, television, video games, etc. If you watch porn on a regular basis, you are constantly desensitizing yourself to the release of dopamine. This essentially means that you will need more and more stimulation over time to give you the same “high.” You become addicted to the stimulation of pornography to the point where regular life becomes less enjoyable because it is not stimulating enough to cause a release of dopamine. In short, porn decreases your ability to receive happiness from the small things in life. Watch this TED talk to learn more about how porn is affecting your brain.

Masturbation without porn is still not advised. It is still an unhealthy addiction, and let’s be honest, it’s pretty pathetic when you think about it. Men around the world are jacking off to images on a computer screen while women are wondering where all the real men are. Quite frankly, there aren’t many. Stop masturbating and you might just reverse the damage and finally become one.

Learn to channel your sex energy into creative endeavors

There’s a good reason for a whole chapter in Think and Grow Rich being dedicated to the topic of sexual energy. Because sex energy is the most powerful motivating and creative force! Think about it. If sex is powerful enough to have 99% of men around the world addicted to it, then there has to be something very special about it. Most men waste this energy at every opportunity. Extremely successful people use this energy wisely as the motivating force behind their actions.

I have a challenge for you. Stop masturbating for 30 days and see what happens. At the end of 30 days, I can almost guarantee you will experience more energy and creativity. When you stop releasing that valuable energy, it becomes available for you to channel it into other activities such as working out, meeting women, starting a business, reading books, and other things that actually benefit you. Here are a few of the reported benefits of abstaining from porn and masturbation:

  • More energy and needing less sleep
  • Relief from depression and anxiety
  • Clear-headedness and increased focus
  • More confidence and self-esteem
  • Better self-expression (social skills, body language, tone of voice, etc)

This will be the ultimate test of your willpower, but I am certain that you won’t regret it. By all means, have sex if the opportunity arises, but stop releasing your sexual energy for no good reason. It’s hurting you more than you know.

Thanks for reading, check out Health & Happiness Foundation for more personal development tips.

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  • Ole

    Thanks for doing this article, its just what i needed to hear. Ive been needing “good” reasons to stop masturbating, and this article does the trick.

    • Plenty of great reasons to quit. The biggest benefit I have seen is increased physical energy and needing less sleep. Give it a go 🙂

      • Are you suree about less sleep?… I am hravy seleeprr.

      • John Walden

        And you will probably end up with prostate cancer from the build up.

  • Fredrik

    Ive only gone 8 days and I already feel insane, meditation helps me though. Still, surely this must be a very individual thing? I mean some people have higher sex drives than other. I would really love to overcome this, or become better at it. I already feel immensely energetic after 8 days. But at the same time I feel like a slave, I keep eyeballing every girl in the vincinity, And some of them are not even attractive. Maybe I have to give myself one release and try to work with it my way?

  • III

    Thank you for spreading this message , porn is a social & mind engineering tool .

  • Mr Flim Flam

    I started seeing a power in my life. A spiritual power. An insight. Also I do call myself a Christian. Sometimes I fail. This was a thing. Stopped. It is crazy . Thats why I am here. Researching the possibility of what I am experiencing. Biblical non Biblical sources. I guess there is something powerful about abstaining. Interesting.

  • Rakesh Mehra

    I have tried it even before reading this article. I have come here to share my experience. Hope it will help.

    I am pretty active person and also a little health freak. I have a habit of sticking to commitments. Once, I decided to stop masturbating or even thinking of sex for a month. I am doing this, expecting the benefits of it. And here is want I have learnt.

    The first 5 days were tough (I would say the real test of your self-control comes here, and I think the urge to masturbate peaks on 4th or 5th day). Throughout these days, I had a very easy “hard-on” for no reason (I did not even imagine sex or anything like that) Sometimes it feels embarrassing, as I got hard-on when I was standing in the bill counter in a super market. And once there was hard-on when I woke up in the morning. Luckily there is no opposite sex in my house. And during this time, even an average looking girl looked too hot. My eyes just literally are not in my control in a way. They’re just in constant watch out for some curves/buttocks, you know basically all that kind of stuff. But, I had to pull my attention away from it. Also, there was a demon in me telling me constantly to break the commitment. But, I am committed to not listen him. Period.

    It was touch 5 days and could not really focus well on daily tasks.
    On the 5th day when I woke up, I found a big water mark on my pants. I had a Wet Dream! Since I did not do the formalities, my body did that for me without my consent. I was upset as I thought I need to go through those hard 4 days again. Surprisingly, the next 4 days, weren’t as tough as the first 4 days. But still none the less, those were still touch moments. Meanwhile, I had a weekend with no one in my house. The ultimate test of my self-Control! Porn is just a click away and I know I don’t break the commitment, the demon in me is at his best, trying to destroy my commitment in to pieces. It was one heck of a cold war. Every minute is like hour. Then I thought that the best way is to go out and socialize. So, went to Gym. I then realized that I Just opened up opportunities for my eyes to find, you know those, “Girl Things”. I got an easy Hard-On looking at the skin tight pants and I started to feel embarrassed (Luckily, I wore a tight supporter, anticipating this. But it started hurting as it stops the hard-on forcefully). I covered the mini tent with my Gym napkin and went inside the wash room and let my thing breath. But, the hard on never coming back to its normal state. I started freaking out and frustrated. I was hurting myself by pinching to divert my mind and tired my best to think of the worse. It seem to have worked, but it took a lot of patience and focus to get it to a state I could wrap it back in my undies. Next I decided to go to a lonely place where there would be no women, and definitely not home. So, I went to a public park nearby, and it was late evening and getting dark. I sat down on the lawn and taking rest, appreciating my commitment to not give up. But then my Brain had other plans, I am getting thoughts to get naked in the open air park and masturbate in the dark, etc. I tried my best to not let those thoughts come inn. Got in to different thoughts (Something to do with my Profession) and managed to spend time. I left home just to take bath and go out again for eating and only come home to sleep.
    Anyway, sorry guys the story keeps on going for ever, I will try to cut it short.

    Ultimately, after mix of few Hard-On’s and Wet Dreams, I started losing sexual interest. Initially, I thought day by day, it’s getting worse. But later after 10 days or so, I merely lost 70% of sexual urge that I used to have, and eventually the rest of the Journey was more or less smooth and I completed one month :). I even stopped getting Hard-on’s and wet dreams. But did you know? I developed some mental issues, like anxiety, Claustrophobia, social phobia, etc which I am least bothered before.

    So guys, my suggestion. If you don’t masturbate, don’t start. If you masturbate regularly, try to stop it gradually. I made a mistake to stopping it forcefully and got some psychological issues. If you masturbate every day, start doing twice a week. If you do twice a week, start doing once a week. Etc. eventually, stop it.
    Now, you may ask me, “Did I see any improvement?” I would say, not much really. But, I think it may be because I stay active and follow a reasonably good diet, I did not find big difference. But, if you are trying to recover from illness or something, you may see significant difference. On the positive side though, I have started spending more time on my ambitions (Basically I saved the time I used to spend thinking of sex, etc). Also, I see little improvement in approaching girls (Because, now I see them just as a person, not as a girl, no sexual feeling on them).
    But, there is a catch in my finding. I observed increase in my energy levels after first 5th day or so, of my journey. After that, It’s was more or less stable. Or maybe I did not notice the difference and maybe I am better now. I don’t really know. So, from my experience, It’s still debatable, whether to have occasional masturbation or stop masturbating altogether or may be stop masturbation altogether and have sex occasionally with your partner? You need to balance everything in your life.

    BTW, to reward myself, and to fix the psychological problems, I started it again :). But this time, there is no natural Urge, I had to put effort to get a hard-on and masturbate. That was just out of the world feeling. I semen quantity is more and thick. Now, I am reducing the frequency of masturbation it gradually and my goal is to do it twice a month. But, it’s your own choice. Listen to your body, at the same time, have a control over it. Don’t let your body take control over you!

  • John Walden

    Well, the EXPERTS have been saying for years that NOT releasing semen is detrimental to prostate health and not having a sexual release is detrimental to over all mental health, so, I’ll stick with what they say and not what some new article claims to be true. Although I do agree that porn can be very harmful.


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