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Pushing To The Limit

The Power Of Pushing To The Limit And Persevering Like A Boss

In this article I want to talk to you about the power of pushing to the limit. The amateur stops with whatever he’s doing when it becomes tough. The pro pushes to the limit, he knows that most power and strength is found in the last rep, the last work block and in burning the last energy reserve. It’s those tough moments, when you want to give up but use your last willpower and energy to execute one last time, where your character grows most. In this article I’m going to give you some tips on how to push yourself to the limit.


About Pushing To The Limit

The Moment You Want To Quit

We all know that moment: Our energy is drained, we are exhausted and our willpower is burned to the ground. How can you identify if you’re there? If your mind is giving you excuses like: “I can’t anymore!”, “I’m going home now”, “It’s been enough for today!”, “I just can’t do it!”, “It’s useless!”, then you know you’re there. If you’re a go-getter in business, sports, bodybuilding or anything else, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Becoming successful has a lot to do with outworking everyone else. In this tough environment, pushing to the limit becomes one of your most precious assets. Whenever we believe that we’ve burned our last energy reserve, we’ve usually got one or two or even three additional energy tanks that we’re not aware of. Learn to push yourself to the limit, to execute one last time, even though you feel like you can’t do it! Most of the time you’ll find that you have more energy than you thought you have. The first step to being able to push yourself to the limit is to have enough awareness and realize when you’re about to enter the moment of quitting.


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What To Do Instead Of Quitting

Once you’re aware that you’ve reached the moment of quitting, it’s time to channel all your available energy and execute one last time. You have to proactively bring up the mental toughness and willpower to do it! Again, it all comes down to channeling your available energy into taking action. The more tired and exhausted you are, the more excuses your mind produces. You have to blatantly ignore what your mind and body are telling you and just do it! The only thing that should go through your mind is: “Do it! Just one last time! Now.” And then go for it. This is when you enter your last energy reserve and proactively use your last little bit of willpower. It’s like working out in the gym, push for those last few reps. You’ll feel like dying, but after you’ve pushed through the pain you’ll feel a deep sensation of accomplishment and power. The more you push yourself to the limit, the more character you will build in the process. Next time it won’t be as tough.


How To Avoid Burnout

If you’re pushing yourself to the limit and proactively burning your last energy reserves, you have to be very cautious. Don’t do this compulsively. Use it as a tool, but don’t make it a compulsive need. Whenever you’ve pushed to the limit, make sure to relax afterwards. Do nothing! Take it easy the next day. Every amount of energy that we exude, has to be recovered. If you don’t proactively reload your batteries, you will burn out. It’s extremely important to maintain a balance when it comes to using your willpower and energy. Push hard and burn your last energy reserves when it’s time to do so, but take time off and allow yourself to do nothing as well.

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