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The Art Of The Pattern Break

The Pattern Break: From Laziness To Productivity In 5 Minutes

What Is A Pattern Break?

A pattern break is something that you do to snap out of an undesirable state. Let’s look at the word “pattern break” for a second. There’s a pattern, which is equal to the undesirable state you’re in. For example: If you wake up in the morning and surf the internet for an hour, you’ve built a lot of “negative” momentum. Your mind and body adapt to the situation and you literally get addicted to the mental state you’re in.

Then there’s the break, which describes the thing you do to snap out of your old pattern of behaviour or negative mental state. In order to perform a pattern break, you need to do something that’s  100% contrary to what you’ve been doing up to now. In other words: You need to introduce a new pattern that replaces the old one, in a kind of shock way.

How To Shift Gears From Laziness To Productivity

Let me share with you a simple pattern break that allows you to shift gears from laziness to productivity. If you catch yourself in a downwards spiral of negative momentum (for example you failed to activate your mind and body through a morning ritual), you need to use the last bit of willpower that you have and perform this pattern break:

Stand up, set your alarm clock to 5 minutes and then sprint from one corner of your room to the other corner for 5 minutes. This is 100% contrary to what you’ve been doing previously. It’ll wake you up, activate your system and set your energy free. It’s tough to do this and it’s extreme. But sometimes it’s the only option once we’re too deep down a negative spiral. However, you shouldn’t use this method often. These types of pattern interrupts should be used in an “emergency”, when all other options seem to fail.

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