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The Truth About Success – 4 Steps To “Real” Success

There’s a lot of misconception about success in our society. Most people believe that successful people are either lucky or cut from a different cloth. It’s almost like there’s two tribes: The cool and successful people and the losers. And between them there’s an invisible glass wall, as Owen Cook once stated. However, the truth about success is very counter-intuitive. Contrary to what most people believe, success is a process and character oriented thing. It has not so much to do with inborn or inherited aspects of a person. Neither has it to do with the “tribe” a person belongs to. Instead, success comes down to the consistent thoughts and consistent actions that a person takes. This article will reveal the truth about success and outline a simple process that you can follow in order to become successful in any area of your life. So lets cut to the chase and get started right now.

The Truth About Success

1) Success Is Not An Event, It’s A Process

There’s a broad misconception in regards to success: People believe that success is an event! Something special happens in your life and you become successful over night. This is the “lottery-mindset” of the masses. Most people think that becoming successful is like winning the lottery. You get lucky or you meet the right people who make you successful. This couldn’t be further from reality. Of course, it’s possible to get lucky. But that’s not the same as being successful. If you take away all the money that someone won in the lottery, he’s back to zero. He doesn’t have the skills or the character of a successful person. Here’s the first truth about success: Becoming successful is a continuous, hard process. It’s not something that occurs or happens in your life. It’s an incremental process that slowly evolves and grows. Be patient and take on a longtime perspective.

The truth About Success

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 2) The Truth About Success: Consistency

Here’s the second truth about success: The universe only rewards consistency. It’s easy to take action once in a while, yet it’s hard to take action on a consistent basis. Success belongs to those who are able to persevere, beat their resistance and put in the daily work. By taking action on a daily basis, you’ll improve by 0.01 something percent every day. These small successes will stack on top of each other and create lasting success and results in your life. Every successful person knows this: World-star pianists and athletes who practice multiple hours every day, managers and business giants who leverage their consistency, monks who practice meditation and neuroscientists who study the human brain. It all comes down to consistency, or what Tony Robbins calls the CANI principle: Constant And Neverending Improvement. There’s a great book that reveals the truth about success by Daniel Coyle, called “The Talent Code”. The book outlines the neurological process behind consistency and shows why and how success is possible.

Check out this one hour video on how to become successful by Owen Cook, it’s awesome!


3) The Key To Consistency Is Motivation

Knowing the the first two keys of success isn’t enough to become successful. Taking consistent action is one of the hardest things ever in life. This is where the wheat is separated from the chaff: Motivation and leverage. Your ability to take consistent action comes down to your motivation. Anthony Robbins used to say that having a big enough “why” is more important than the “how”. If you’re in for the right reasons, you’ll figure out a way to become successful. That’s why you first have to master your motivation. Why do you want to become successful? What does it mean to you? How will it affect your life and your personality? Figure out what success means to you on a deep level and connect yourself to your true purpose. This is the third truth about success. It will allow you to maintain your motivation during the hard times. It will determine your ability to follow through and persist.

4) Success Is A Silent Process

Success is the most silent process ever. Once you’ve been on your journey for a while, you realize that you’re alone. No one else can make you successful. No one else will bring you the motivation that you need. And no one will take daily action for you. It’s all about you. Success is a thing between you and “god”, so to speak. Don’t brag about it. Don’t talk to other people about it. Don’t ask for help from other people. Decisively walk the path of success, every day. It’s a silent and unobtrusive process. Take one step at a time. And don’t expect anyone to tap you on the back at the end of the day. This is about your journey, about your life. Let me know what you believe is the truth about success by leaving a comment. I’d love to hear your ideas on the topic.

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